Párhuzamos világok víz alatt és víz felett: Nézd az óceánt egy búvár szemével

Matty Smith búvár szerint az a legjobb része a merülésnek, amikor félig még kint van a feje a levegőn, de a maszkon át már látja, milyen csodálatos világba lép majd be, ahogy víz alá kerül. Ezt az élményt mutatja meg képein is:

I had discovered from previous visits to dive this small bay that after strong summer northeast winds hundreds of bluebottle cnidarian are blown in and trapped, they float around the bay on the tides and sometimes clump together in huge rafts. I began planning this shot because knew that the blueness of these animals lights up wonderfully with a strobe and figured the sun would rise somewhere in the background towards the mouth of the bay. I thought that orange and the blue would make a striking shot. It took quite a few early mornings and lots of lighting experiments to make this image, but in the end I’m very happy with it.

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Physalia physalis (bluebottle) taken as an over/under image in Bushrangers Bay, NSW Australia. After strong NE winds hundreds of these zooids were blown into the bays around Shellharbour and trapped overnight. Post processing is limited to colour temp and small amounts of burning. Also slightly cropped.

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