Így készítették az első röntgenfelvételeket

120 évvel ezelőtt készítették az első röntgenfelvételeket, köszönhetően Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen-nek.

Tudtad, hogy a férfit egy karikatúra miatt kicsapták a középiskolából, így le sem érettségizett soha? De így is neki köszönhetjük a röntgensugaras vizsgálatot, az első röntgent egyébként ő készítette felesége kezéről.

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UNITED KINGDOM : A woman having her head x-rayed with the new shock-proof apparatus at the London Medical Exhibition, Royal Horticultural Hall. The apparatus, which is designed for the consulting room, is simple to use as it can be plugged in to any domestic lighting point'. (Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)

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UNITED KINGDOM - DECEMBER 08: An x-ray demonstration with the latest x-ray apparatus. London. 1932. (Photo by Imagno/Getty Images)

UNITED KINGDOM - DECEMBER 05: Thre latest X-ray apparatus beeing operated by an radiologist wearing the old-type protectors which are no longer necessary with modern apparatus. Radiological exhibition. Central Hall. Westminster. London. Photograph. December, 5th 1934. (Photo by Imagno/Getty Images)

In October 1937 in Rio de Janeiro, a radiograph invented bu Professor physicist MORAES DE ABREU to detect lung diseases, called ROENTGEN-PHOTOGRAPHIE was used on apatient. This is supposed to prevent from tuberculosis, especially for the lower classes in Brazil. En octobre 1937 à Rio de Janeiro, un appareil radio-photographique inventé par le professeur physicien MORAES DE ABREU pour détecter les maladies pulmonaires, appelé ROENTGEN-PHOTOGRAPHIE, est utilisé sur une patiente. Cet appareil photographique est destiné à faire de la prévention contre la tuberculose notamment auprès des classes populaires au Brésil.

An x-ray technician with the US Medical Corps tending to a wounded soldier during World War Two, circa 1941-1945. (Photo by US Army Signal Corps/Getty Images)

Doctors using x-ray machine to feed venous catherter into patient's heart. (Photo by Al Fenn/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)


X-ray machine, at the California dental ass'n. exhibit, California state fair. (Photo by Jon Brenneis/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

circa 1955: A desperate patient who has hiccups is x-rayed at the Flower-Fifth hospital Hospital in New York. (Photo by Three Lions/Getty Images)

UNITED STATES - NOVEMBER 01: X-ray machine which circles head to take panoramic picture of teeth, eliminating usual mouthful of film. (Photo by John Loengard/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

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