15 kép a National Geographic pályázatáról, ami meghozza a kedved a világjáráshoz

A National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year az egyik legrangosabb fotós verseny a világon.

Rengeteg fénykép érkezik hozzájuk, egyik izgalmasabb, mint a másik, hiszen idén az utazás a fő téma.

Holi, Indiaís festival of colors, is an ancient Hindu tradition that is celebrated around the world, with the biggest and most colorful gathering taking place in the twin cities of Mathura and Vrindavan in India. The unifying festival is a celebration of love and the arrival of spring and includes the singing of folk songs and traditional dances depicting the festivalís origins.

Indiai fesztivál

One of a series of aerial shots taken from a helicopter over the fabulous river deltas in South Iceland. This one depicts one river winding its way to the ocean. The brilliant colors are a result of mineral deposits picked up by the glacial waters as they flow towards the sea. We were lucky to shoot on a gorgeously sunny day

Dél-izlandi folyó helikopterről fotózva

The youngster are having fun at the roof top of the train. There are too many people who rushing home after the Bishwa Ijtema at Tongi train station of Bangladesh.

Bangladesi vonatok

Two lovers at sunset in Toronto.

Két szerelmes Torontoban

The shot is the result of a magical, powerful instant seen from the top of Sonchaux (CH), a day when the clouds were particulary low. I though I was like immerged in a fairytale, out of every human scale.

Kilátás a Sonchaux-hegy tetejéről

Brave bride getting wed in the only day of snow in Tokyo, winter 2014.

Hó Tokióban

A lonely zebra in the midst of a field full of flowers. Near Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Africa. Canon EOS 1Dx. EF600mm f/4L II USM + 1.4x III, 1/8000 sec at f/5.6. ISO 800

Serengeti Nemzeti Park

Elephants hold onto each others tails as they walk the fields of The Crags Elephant Sanctuary, Plettenberg Bay.


People enjoying their time in the legendary Blue Lagoon outside of Reykjavik in Iceland.

Izland, Kék lagúna

Colorful market in Bangkok city, Thailand.

Thaiföld, Bangkok

This is taken from the 12th floor of a hostel. Me and my friends were amazed how beautiful is the night view, let alone the vibrant side of Ho Chi Minh City in the morning.

Ho Si Minh

India = colours, colours, colours


In the Pavlodar region of northeast Kazakhstan, horsemen drive their herd to a corral where they'll spend the night. Kazakhs must guard their animals at all times against horse thieves (a time-honored tradition in Kazakshtan) and predators like the steppe wolf. Pastoralists have lived in this region of Kazakhstan for at least 5,000 years. Archeologists have discovered the oldest-known remains of a domesticated horse at a sight located about 100 miles from where I took this picture.


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